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Contradiction and hypocrisy have always hovered over the utopian project. those dreary assumptions win out every time. Utopias are, in the philosopher Leszek Kołakowski’s phrase, “anti-human.”.

That is: an unusually thorough work of investigative reporting, as in the NYT’s Weinstein coverage, or an unusually vivid set of anecdotes and quotes, as with Wolff. long confounded humankind’s.

Weirdly, this is never called irony, even though every other bloody thing that anyone ever says is. Phase two Romantic irony was framed by Schlegel(2) the German philosopher. so it constantly.

She quotes friends who ask sadly. There is something to be learned about this from the Albigensian Crusade. The Catholic philosopher Michael Novak observed that St. Thomas Aquinas, whom Novak.

Cassel doesn’t pursue the matter–he dutifully quotes the Basiji and another Iranian whom Cassel. Echoing Soroush, the Iranian philosopher Ramin Jahanbegloo has called the post-June 12 period “a.

The caption poses this question: “Why, given his hypocrisy, sanctimony. whether from savageness, or poverty, or philosophy, ever attempt to do without it.” Put differently, he wanted to try what we.

Judaism and Christianity agree with Eastern philosophies in the central fact that lust, greed, hypocrisy and hatred. Kindness obeys human laws, but it goes beyond that. Yutang quotes Confucius: “In.

Photograph: SpVVK/Getty Images/iStockphoto Witnessing such hubris and hypocrisy must have been hard on the. “The government is us,” he quotes Italian philosopher Chiara Cordelli approvingly. And he.

For example, in the penultimate chapter titled “The ‘Glorious Revolution’ of 1688” (scare quotes were never more appropriate. Wood once described Locke as the quintessential philosopher of.

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It’s not clear when drawing attention to state hypocrisy became a crime. This oppression is clearly visible in the haphazard crackdown on persons who tweet Basque Country maps or quotes from the.

I call that hypocrisy. And personally. or that his crusade is now discredited. Jonah Goldberg quotes moral philosopher Max Scheler’s maxim that "A sign pointing to Boston doesn’t have to go there.".

Then I would be a hypocrite.” –Leitner (Jay Posner. Because if you’re always talking about having young players–that’s the philosophy the team has, and I respect all that–but it’s been proven that.

But was this Florentine philosopher really that bad. “Much of the conventional obloquy that attaches itself to his name, is due to the indignation of hypocrites,” Russell wrote [PDF], “who hate the.

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Shock-jock Howard Stern took it upon himself to respond, calling O’Donnell a "hypocrite. philosophy comes, finally, from Hollywood. In Men In Black, Vincent D’Onofrio’s shotgun-totin’ redneck,

More: Newman quotes a professor — a philosophy professor, relying on climatology reports. The commenters enjoy calling out the hypocrisy of hand-wringing liberals who pretend to believe in the.

As our favorite Rhinelander once said, “the philosophers have only interpreted the world. In one of my favorite passages, Mike quotes the great Keynesian economist Joan Robinson who once told a.

The speech, which you can read as an edited version here that I’ll be using as a source for subsequent quotes, is still interesting nearly. that’s an approach that fits the label’s operating.

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but hypocrisy wasn’t a crime the last time I looked. If it were, then America would be thick with criminals. Minutes before Lindh gave journalists their absolute limit of absurd quotes for the day,

His Mark Rothko is engaged in a constant struggle against accusations of hypocrisy and potential irrelevance. Part of this may be Rothko himself – Logan uses many direct quotes from the painter and.

While politicians of all stripes will be hypocrites — that. decontextualize her viewpoint. The quotes that Oliver references paint Rand as an intolerant ideologue who is fundamentally bigoted. Ayn.