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PLOS seeks to break up the academic publishing cartel, and it’s a leading force in the so-called open science movement, which aims to give the public access to cutting-edge research and democratize.

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The Open Access Journal of Contraception is a peer-reviewed, online open access journal publishing original research, reports, reviews and commentaries on all areas of contraception. In addition to.

. that the increased exposure and visibility afforded by open access leads to improved citation performance of open access journals. Yang Li, Chaojiang Wu, Erjia Yan and Kai Li report on research.

This high-quality, online-only subject specific portfolio of journals brings Nature’s reputation for impact and excellence to open access and publishing partnerships. The Nature Partner Journals will.

The problem is often that their field is dominated by a few, well-renowned subscription journals, and open access options seem like a risk and a step into the unknown. Combined with the existence of.

Other academics are pushing for an increase in the number of open access journals that are typically online-only, thus sparing the costs of creating ink-on-paper versions of their manuscripts. But.

“Hybrid journals were always viewed as a step towards full open access. They haven’t succeeded as a transitionary measure,” says David Sweeney, who chairs Research England, one of the funding agencies.

But how much of a threat to the traditional subscription-based academic journal model does the open access movement really pose? In this Q+A, Stephen Cramond, Electronic Content Manager in the.

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Lingua’*s executive editor Johan Rooryck says that the journal’s editors had asked Elsevier to convert the journal to be fully open access, but when the company declined, they set out to launch their.

However, a new study publishing May 14 in the open-access journal PLOS Biology, led by Ana Benítez-López from Radboud.

The mammoth University of California (UC) system announced today it will stop paying to subscribe to journals published by Elsevier. communication and the direction of the so-called open-access.

Bohannon has done for selected open access scientific journals what Alan Sokal did to academic journal Social Text. Submitting a paper outlining (entirely made up results of) the anticancer properties.

“We need cities to be a little more open to allowing legal businesses to start up. “In Kern County, patients don’t have.

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The only way to provide open access to peer-reviewed journal articles is to publish in open access journals Open access delivered by journals is called "gold" open access and open access delivered by.

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A last-minute election pitch for a strategic approach to open scholarship in Australia has. spend more than $280 million on academic journals to which only the university-employed can gain access.

In a sting operation, John Bohannon, a correspondent of Science, claims to have exposed dodgy open access journals. His argument seems to be that, because of their business model, some journals are.

Fees charged by academic publishers to access research journals have caused no small amount of consternation among readers of scholarly research and fuelled the rise of the Open Access movement. Wiley.

Plan S, the open. Open Access to scientific publications.” *Clarification, 5 November, 2 p.m.: An earlier version of this article erroneously stated that Wellcome and Gates would bar their grantees.

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